About Us!

Pamela Alexander & Edward Wider

Hi! We're Pam & Eddy and we own 'Paradise Found', a comfortable three bedroom cottage on the Atlantic Ocean at N. Topsail Beach, NC. We're just an average couple who live and work in Raleigh and are fortunate to have been able to purchase a lovely second home on the Carolina coast. It has been our long time dream to have a place on the beach to which we can escape from the daily grind and we treasure our time there with family & friends. We know you will too...

To help defray the cost of owning and maintaining a second home, we have decided to rent the use of the house on a weekly/ vacation basis. Renting directly from the owners of a property has many benefits, not the least of which is avoiding all the fees and taxes that normally come with agency rentals. We also like to think you'll find us more flexible than an agency with an added personal touch. 'Paradise Found' is our special little place in the world which we care for greatly and we hope to share it with folks who'll appreciate it as much as we do.

Imagine Taking A Dip In The Atlantic Under This Full Moon

The above picture was NOT Photoshopped- that's the actual color the camera recorded. Hues of purple, yellow, blue and others constantly change throughout the day. This is a place of endless discovery and beauty...


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